Explanation of Technical Specifications given by Dekortex Interior Textiles


Flame Retardant

Semi dim-out


Velvet Fabrics


The fabric is suitable for curtains and decoration.

The fabric is suitable as an upholstery fabric for light domestic use.

The fabric is suitable as an upholstery fabric for normal domestic use.

The fabric is suitable as an upholstery fabric for intensive domestic use.

The fabric is suitable as an upholstery fabric for outdoor use.

Flame Retardant

All Dekortex Europe BV Fabrics are tested for their Flame Retardance according to the standards applicable in various countries: BS 5867 (Great Britain) · DIN 4102 (Germany) · NF 92 507 (France) · ISO 6940 (the Netherlands) · ISO 6941 (the Netherlands).


Weight in grams per linear metre

Light Fastness

Discolouration caused by sunlight. The extent of discolouration is expressed in terms of a number between 1 and 8 on the blue scale, where 1 is the lowest discolouration and 8 is the highest discolouration.
A discolouration of 6 means in practice that the Fabric will show slight discolouration after approximately two years (provided that it is not exposed to direct sunlight). Fabrics by Dekortex Europe B.V. has a lightfastness value of 5 as standard and strives to achieve a lightfastness value of 6.


Shrinkage after Washing a/o. Dry Cleaning is given on the sample material together with the recommended cleaning method


Resistance to abrasion: the higher the number of Martindale revolutions, the stronger the Fabric.

  • Decorative Use · < 8.000 Martindale
  • Normal Use · 8.000 to 25.000 Martindale
  • Intensive Use · > 25.000 Martindale

Washing and Cleaning Instructions

Do you wish to enjoy your Dekortex Fabrics for as long as possible? Follow our advice to the letter to prolong your enjoyment of your Dekortex curtain Fabrics for many years to come.

The product card for every Dekortex Fabric contains the international symbols for washing and treatment.

We generally recommend dry-cleaning all fabrics, with the exception of printed and synthetic fabrics, since a higher shrinkage percentage must be considered.

Considering the limited capacity of normal household washing machines, the following should be kept in mind:

  • Remove any hooks beforehand, as they may damage the fabric, the washing machine or cleaning equipment
  • Load only 1/3 of the washing machine
  • Make sure to use the right temperature setting
  • Choose a short rinse cycle
  • Do not use the spin cycle (or only briefly)
  • Hang up the curtains directly after washing to prevent wrinkling
  • If necessary, iron according to the instructions, always iron lengthwise.

See here our Washing and Cleaning Instructions

Abbreviation of Textile Fibers

AC Acetate
CL Polyvinyl Chloride
CO Cotton
CV Rayon
EL Elastane
LI Linen
LRX Lurex
JU Jute
MD Modal
MA Modacrylic
 PA Polyamide
PAN Acrylic
PC Polyacrylic
PE Polyethylene
PL Polyester
PP Polypropylene
PU Polyurethane
SE Silk
VI Viscose
WM Mohair
WO Wool
 WP Alpaca